Bespoke Wigs

Zel specializes in lady's custom-made designs and has created hundreds bespoke wigs and hair pieces during her career.  She can assist your decision making by together ascertaining the desired style, colour and hair texture.  All our hair is ethnically sourced and of the finest quality. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the same high quality in service and product range as found in prestigious London wig salons, offered at extremely competitive prices.

Initial Consultation

4-6 Weeks

  • Depending on various factors such as life style, previous experience with hair systems and the amount of effort customers can invest in product upkeep, Zel will advise upon the best options available.

  • If custom-made is of preference, Zel will carry out a procedure to acquire exact measurements by creating a template depending on whether the hair is for the whole head or a specific area. This will ensure a perfect fit for the system.  During this procedure, we will also decide upon details such as natural looking hair line, specific parting and the versatility of hair wear desired (wearing hair up options).

  • We then decide on hair type that is most suitable and which can be Remy, Indian, Chinese, European, Human hair and Synthetic mix or just high heat Synthetic (please keep in mind that any grey hair will always be heat resistant synthetic)

  • Colour, length and curl pattern is then decided upon referencing samples available or from information and samples the customer provides (images, wigs, own hair sample)

  • Final price agreed and 50 % deposit to be paid.

Approval  Consultation

  • Once we receive the foundation for your wig together with new hair sample, you will have the opportunity to check the fitting and hair colour, texture and curl pattern.

  • You will have the opportunity to make any changes to your colour or curl pattern at no extra charge. If this is required, the change in order is submitted again which will delay timings potentially by a further 3-6 weeks.

+5-6 Weeks

Final  Consultation

  • Completed order is then checked it matches specification. 

  • The completed order is then tried on.

  • Your order has been completed and ready to be cut and styled as required (Inc. in price).

  • Aftercare advice (washing, styling & use of tapes) given.

  • Balance to be paid.

  • Free in-house demonstration offered should you struggle with washing and styling.

  • We are always available to offer advice over the telephone or email for further queries.

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