Hair Services

Medical condition that can cause partial or total hair loss. Depending on the stage of your hair loss we would recommend different products accordingly. Choice between ready-to-wear human hair or custom-made is suitable for the individuals who can maintain real hair as it will require more work. Hair will need to be washed more often and we recommend you to style it as well. Some ladies still prefer fiber wigs because of their low maintenance. During the consultation we will be able to come to the perfect solution depending on your desired look, comfort and most importantly suited to your life style. We can help you with all of the aftercare you may need after the purchase. You are entitled to VAT relief by reason of medical exemption so we will provide you with the VAT exempt form at the time of the purchase..

More and more women are experiencing what is known as Female Pattern Baldness. Thinning is mainly hereditary but sometimes the cause can be due to modern style living such as stress and diet. Considering it almost always starts thinning around the front hairline and expanding all the way back to the crown it can be difficult to live with.  The majority of ladies feel their only option is a full head wig but most of the times they only need the top piece in order to enhance the certain area. We can offer stock piece as well as custom made giving you only the coverage you need whilst combining the topper with your own existing hair for the natural look and maximum comfort. During the consultation we will be able to advise and guide you through all of the options available and of course be there for you helping you with aftercare too.

Thinning Hair


Lots of women find themselves saying "the worst part of going through chemotherapy is losing my hair, it's like losing my identity" I have heard these words so many times... this is one of the hardest moment's in anyone's life. Depending on the treatment and possibility of using cold cap (if suitable) the result can be either total hair loss or just thinning of the hair. Despite your treatment options we would always recommend you to consider full head wig opposed to hair piece. While you are undergoing the treatment,  wearing any pieces that use attachments such as clips, tapes and glue can put extra pressure on hair resulting in further weakening as well as pulling of your hair . Most ladies prefer fiber (synthetic) wigs due to low maintenance and excellent choice of  colours, styles and cap constructions. Any adjustments needed on fiber wigs such as cutting fringe, thinning or even resizing can be done on the day of purchase. You always have the choice of getting human hair should you prefer that and we will answer all of your questions making sure you have chosen the best option suitable for your needs and practicality. You are entitled to VAT relief by reason of medical exemption, we will provide you with the form at the time of the purchase