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High quality, made to measure and off-the-peg wigs for Women and Men in North London.


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ZeBe's offers expert personal advice on alternative hair solutions through face-to-face private consultations.

Each and every order we supply is sized correctly and comfortable to wear, suited to your skin tone, density and personalised for you

Expertly crafted bespoke womens Systems. Stunning choices to suit every need and budget and a choice of wig constructions

Full range of mens Hair Systems. Size, colour, density, and style are all 100% customisable for an undetectable solution.



Male Hair Piece
Womens Wig
 Our hair is ethnically sourced and of the finest quality.  Our prices ensure affordability without compromising excellence in quality.

" Friendly and caring service with great products and prices! " 




" Zel is amazing.  So knowledgeable and so good at making you feel at ease. Helped me to try different styles and types and gave loads of info and demonstrations on aftercare. Highly recommended, Thank You " 



" Zel is not only super professional and knowledgeable but so personable and kind that really understands your needs. She really has helped me so much and i cannot thank her enough. She is a little angel and I am so happy to read how she has helped others too. Keep up the great work my darling! " 



Whether you purchase one of our ready to wear wigs and hair-pieces or decide upon customised solutions, we will always include cut and style, thinning or altering that you may require.  We also offer important aftercare advice and support such as in-house demonstration for washing and styling your new human hair so that you can maximise the longevity of the wear.

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