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Alternative Hair Solutions for Men
No contracts, no painful medical procedures and lifelong medications, no more unnecessary stress from hair-loss!
Male Hair Loss
  • Worried about hair loss?
  • Spending too much time checking your thinning hair?
  • Feeling older, less able to express your personality &    style?
Take the first step towards a New confident & Better You.....
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100% Human Hair Wigs from £440. Full Serviced Re-Groom from £70!
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We guarantee your new hair:

Will look 100% realistic from all angles, styled anyway you desire.

Is fitted robustly ensuring hair can be worn under all conditions including exercise, sleeping, shower and even swimming.

Is maintained, re-styled, cut & coloured when required as part of our on-going services offered.

We specalise in discreet hair systems, tailored to suit the style you used to have or always wanted to achieve. We have over 15 years’ experience solving every variation of male hair loss.

Instant results, instant feel-good factor. All our stock is of premium quality human hair systems offered at extremely attractive prices.

" Friendly and caring service with great products and prices! " 


"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Excellent service, Zel is extremely helpful and welcoming. Hands down one of best service and i’m very happy with the end of results, definitely will be going back. Thanks Zel"

M. Cirkovic

" Zel is not only super professional and knowledgeable but so personable and kind that really understands your needs. She really has helped me so much and i cannot thank her enough. She is a little angel and I am so happy to read how she has helped others too. Keep up the great work my darling! " 



We offer regular re-grooming and maintenance service for all hair systems. Service Includes washing and re-attaching unit, trim and style.

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